Gold Standard Screen Printing – Portland, Oregon – 2015

Hart Mind Soul & the HMS nation are back at it in 2015! Starting the New Year off with right with a special limited edition screen print t-shirt design. Our classic Tyrannosaur (T-rex) design has a new bite. Gold shimmer specialty ink brings this prehistoric beast to life.

Printed on our high quality, 100% cotton T shirts these are guaranteed to last. (Not quite as long as the dinosaurs, but pretty darn close.) Start 2015 off on the right foot (or claw) with a solid gold resolution.

With limited production runs, you will want to pick one of these up before they are extinct. $25.33 ea. With a release date of January 1st, 2015. Or you can get in on the action early and preorder here for just $18.33 –

Either way, you will still receive FREE shipping on ALL online orders from Hart Mind Soul.

Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation, proudly offering the best shirts, custom screen printing, embroidery, stickers, and more, for over a decade and a half. We are Portland, Oregon’s premier local screen print and tshirt business.

Order today: http://www.hmsnation.comĀ  – Or call us direct: 1800.968.0799

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