Man vs Food Portland, Oregon

Hart Mind Soul / Lionhart T-shirt seen on The Food Network’s “Man vs Food.

When you want the best breakfast in Portland, Oregon, keep the “Stepping Stone Cafe” in mind. Weather you dining with family, by yourself, or with friends this once remote hole in the wall, stop over, has blossomed into one of Portland’s local icons. I like the banana bread/french toast and a wide variety of  omelets.  If you ask nicely, you may get a few vegetarian/vegan friendly options. Otherwise, this is a good old, down home cooking, greasy spoon diner.

Featured on the television series “Man vs Food” Portland’s very own Stepping Stone was shot on location where Adam Richman took on the “Man Cake” challenge. Man Cakes are Stepping Stone’s version of your traditional pancake….. Only larger, much larger. So big, in fact that they hang off the plate. Add a pound of butter, and some corn, ….er “Maple” syrup and you are well on your way to the wall of shame. If you can down the entire plate, (I think there are three “Man Cakes” in total) you will have your picture taken and put on display as a testament to your accomplishment. Congratulations!

So, what does all of this have to do with Hart Mind Soul, custom screen printing, embroidery & stickers? Just watch the Man vs Food / Portland, Oregon, episode. (I believe you can get it on Netflix.) Just skip to the part where Adam Richman visits the “Stepping Stone” restaurant. Simply sit back and enjoy. About a minute into it, you will see one of the Chefs serving up a hearty helping of “Man Cakes” in his every trusty, high quality, Hart Mind Soul, custom screen printed T-shirt.

Ding! Ding! Hart Mind Soul is on your TV. Ding! Ding! HMS nation is in effect.

So if you get hungry reading this post, stop on by the Stepping Stone in Portland, Oregon for some hearty Man Cakes. You can tell them, Hart Mind Soul sent you. And when you need the best custom embroidery, stickers, screen printing, apparel, hats, or swag visit Hart Mind Soul on line for the best shirts, highest quality apparel, top shelf garments, professional screen printing, and first class customer service. or feel free to call us directly.

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