The Tamed West – Portland, Oregon

Yep, time to check out the “Tommy Blackout” rough mix from “The Tamed West.” Psychedelic Indie Rock Band. Great tunes, but the track is only four minutes, so for the best sound and experience you will need to buy the rest of the album, or go see them in person.

Get up, get out and get down. The Tamed West, playing a show on March 29th at Bunk Bar, in PDX on Water Ave with Bearcubbin’ and Moon Honey.  Only $7 for an evening of psychedelic Portland indie garage rock. Show starts promptly at 8pm, unless you are late, run out of gas, or can’t get the ATM to work. Honesty, you should probably leave the house a little early to beat the crowd and get a good parking spot. Who knows, you might even see one of the band members and ask for an autograph….

Joseph Amoroso (vocals/guitar)

Brant Hajek (drums)

Aaron Opsahl (bass)

When they aren’t Arguing, eating, firing each other, giving up in the middle of practice, doing push-ups to feel tough, or hunting cougars they can be found purchasing T-shirts and getting write ups in magazines

“The Tamed West open the night, and although they currently only have one recorded track available for listening, they are sure to become a new favorite in Portland and beyond sooner than one may think. You’ll be psyched you caught them for free when they were still opening shows.”  – Travis Leipzig of The Deli Magazine

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You can follow The Tamed West on facebook or visit the official website

You can also send a message about anything else to:

The Tamed West Oregon Rock Band from Portland, OR posts about upcoming shows on their facebook page and are set to release a psychedelic indie rock EP within the next few weeks.
You can even get your very own digital track for just $1.00. That’s $0.99 for the music and $0.01 for shipping and handling. So get out your favorite credit/debit card and support local artists.
Your digital track from The Tamed West, for $1.00 Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
So what are you waiting for? Go to this link and click on the little blue link that says “Buy Now”
Special thanks to to “The Tamed West” in Portland, Oregon, This weeks featured Hart Mind Soul custom screen printing, embroidery and stickers, customer of the week.

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