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Transformers, like the HMS nation, spans many generations. From Gen.1 cartoons and toys to current movies and animated characters, both Autobots and Decepticons hold a special place in our HART. From childhood memories to adult collectors, there seems to be no slowing down the phenomenon. In fact, if anything, it continues to grow. With an amusement park ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, and recent launch of the Generations “Combiner Wars” toy line, it looks like Optimus Prime will be defending the Matrix from Megatron, for generations to come.

With all the fanfare from comics and cartoons to toy, it is not surprise that there is now an annual event for Transformer (and robot) enthusiasts. That’s right. “BotCon” as it has come to be called is where all can gather to share in their geekdom, relive their childhood, make friends, shake hands with the folks behind the scenes, find out about NEW up and coming releases, get access to special Transformer items, and of course, buy toys.

And that is why we are sharing this post with you on our Hart Mind Soul blog. As you know, Hart Mind Soul (HMS) custom apparel, screen printing, embroidery and stickers, distributes all across the nation. Through our ever expanding network of social media connections, we came across quite simply, the best place to buy vintage 80’s transformers and toys.

At Hart Mind Soul we understand quality products and first class customer service. So I speak from the HART when I tell you that,  “I am Ratchet Toys” always has the highest quality and excellent customer service standards. With fast shipping and a wide selection of loose and complete figures there is something for everyone. Specializing in high quality AFA (Action Figure Association) boxed, mint, and graded toys you know that you are getting the highest quality guaranteed. Just like when you shop with the HMS nation.

Speaking of those kids at Hart Mind Soul, have you seen the awesome NEW stickers that they just made for “IamRatchet Toys” in Indiana? That’s right, upping the game yet again, I am Ratchet Toys now puts these awesome, custom screen printed stickers on every order that goes out the door. That means that your package will receive the same love and care that it deserves.

transformers toys buy Yep. It really is that easy. Just visit IamRatchet on ebay and you can shop with confidence that you are always getting the best quality and the best value. You can also follow IamRatchet Toys on Facebook, if you still do that sort of thing. I am Ratchet also has an Instagram page, which is apparently what all the cool kids are doing these days. (Trust me, I would know.)

Or, to be honest, you can just look for the ” I am Ratchets Toys” banner at Botcon in Chicago this year. Right around the corner, make sure to visit the booth June 18th -21st for “All the best toys, all in one place.”

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I’m not sure how exactly it works, but I know that “I am Ratchet Toys” just ordered a case of awesome, custom screen printed totebags and cinch packs, with their super retro, Transformers esque, Autobot looking, logo. So make sure you tell ’em that your friends at Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation sent you and you might just walk away with an “I am Ratchet” screen printed tote bag or custom cinch pack to put all your new toys in.

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