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Hart Mind Soul, (HMS nation) custom screen printing, Portland, Oregon, (OR) believes in giving back to the community.

From time to time, Hart Mind Soul custom apparel & screen printing, Portland, OR,  likes to give honorable mention to contributors of the HMS nation who show amazing passion for their trade(s), and are willing to work hard to achieve a dream.

It takes courage to stand out from the crowd, and stand up for something you believe in. And that is exactly what Hart (heart) Mind Soul and the HMS nation are all about.

So with out further ado, Hart Mind Soul custom screen printing, would like to say a special “Thank You” and shout out to: Mark “Clokwork” Mccormick, seen in the above photo. (Courtesy of Space Kitten Photography, Portland, Oregon.)

Mark “Clokwork” Mccormick has been DJing for 17 years. Clokwork, Originally from Portland, grew up in Oregon City. Mark’s favorite types of music to play are, breakbeats and house. Mark “Clokwork” Mccormick’s favorite genre of music for listening is also breaks and house, but with some added hip hop, blues and good ol’ classic rock.
The biggest event to date, that Clockwork has DJ’d  was “Electric River” in Florence, Oregon, and a local Music Festival in Portland, Oregon, called Fire, back in 2010. DJ Clockwork’s favorite Portland, music event, memory is tough, because he really enjoys every set he plays. However, the set from the Electric River music festival is one of the most memorable.  Also the set from Clokwork’s own local Portland music show, the phive oh free, last year was something to behold.
The worst DJ memory from Portland, Oregon would be the second time DJ Mark Clockwork Mccormick ever played.  He was out mixing records and everything went wrong. He admits that at that time his mixing sucked, but that was years ago at 333 SW Park in downtown Portland, around 1998.

The best advice DJ Mark Clokwork (Clockwork) Mccormick can give inspiring Portland, DJ’s is, only commit to playing music and being a DJ if you truly love it with all your heart (Hart) mind and soul. Once you have got that, every thing will work out.

Hart (heart) Mind Soul, to DJ Clokwork, has always been an amazing custom T-shirt, screen printing  company that is willing to support the local Portland scene.
Hart Mind Soul & the HMS nation has always produced high quality, top notch gear. From graphic designs and original artwork, to clothing, apparel, hats, and jackets. Peter Nathaniel van Hartesveldt, and  the HMS nation have always shown Mark Clokwork Mccormick a high level of respect. This is in part why DJ Mark Clokwork Mccormic has the same level of respect for Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation.
DJ Mark Clokwork Mccormick has a goal and dream to secure a legacy in the Portland music scene as an established DJ / musician who always puts all he had into the local music scene and the people in it. DJ Mark Clokwork Mccormick also dreams of seeing his  annual outdoor music event, the Phive Oh Free,  continue to grow in the right ways. DJ Mark Clokwork believes in helping new people coming into the Portland music scene get the most enjoyment they can. Always reaching for the stars, Portland DJ, Mark Mccormick,  would also be nice to expand to some more out of state gigs.
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