Vita Coco Water Portland Oregon

vita coco water portland

Vita Coco, Portland, Oregon. “Like sticking a straw in a coconut.”

Hart Mind Soul, the custom screen printing, embroidery & sticker company, recently had the pleasure of working with a number of great people and sponsors at “Rock The Runways” fashion and style, runway event in Portland, Oregon. From the models and clothing designers to the sponsors, a great time was had by all at the Aloft Hotel, in Portland.

Every once in a while, someone, or something stands out from the crowd and catches your eye. The willingness to try something different and think a little differently is exactly what Hart Mind Soul, and the HMS nation are all about.

So when I saw the ice cold refreshments back stage, generously donated by Vita Coco, I knew I had to try one for my self. I must admit, at first I was a bit timid, as I was not sure exactly what to expect. However one sip later, I was hooked on the delicious, nutritious and refreshing taste of natural coconut water.

With summer temperatures rising in Portland, the cool and refreshing taste of Vita CoCo (coconut water) had me going back for more. Which was a good thing, because Vita CoCo water now comes in an assortment of flavors and varieties.

I started with the traditional Vita Coco water, original coconut water, chilled to perfection. Very good, indeed. However, the day went on and the temperature in Portland, Oregon kept rising, so I found myself with another refreshing box of Vita CoCo, coconut water. This time it was the pineapple and coconut mix that set my taste buds into flurry of excitement.

After speaking with a couple of the Vita CoCo representatives at the Aloft Hotel in Portland, I discovered that this cold and delicious, coconut drink was actually really quite good for my health. Finally a pure and natural way to re-hydrate in those hot summer months. Never from concentrate, you can rest easy knowing exactly what goes into your drink. Packed in a eco friendly Tetra Pak, you can even feel good about the packaging Vita Coconut Water comes in. I read the ingredients, and was please to actually know the definition of every single thing that goes into Vita CoCo.

Packed to the brim with naturally occurring electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, Vita Coco, pure coconut water is the healthy and natural way to hydrate. Add in that Vita Coco water is gluten free and has no fat or cholesterol and it is easy to see why this is the preferred drink refreshment across the nation.

So, after I had tried the first two varieties of Vita CoCo water, and was waiting for the Portland, fashion show to begin, I noticed that there was actually another flavor of Vita CoCo that I had entirely overlooked.

vita coco water portland

Vita CoCo Cafe, has all the benefits and nutrients of the original Vita coconut water, but with the added flavor and gusto that comes from coffee! Let me tell you, this is like drinking out of a straw from heaven. If you thought the traditional Vita CoCo water was good, the Vita CoCo Cafe is moving up the ladder towards greatness.

Vita CoCo cafe is like drinking the perfect iced coffee on a hot summer day in Portland, Oregon. Only without the nasty lines and hipsters you would expect at the local Portland, Starbucks. From humble beginning to one of the nations best beverages, Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation would like to give a special shout out to Vita CoCo pure coconut water and say “Thank You” again for your sponsorship of the “Rock The Runways” fashion and style runway show in Portland, Oregon.

And wouldn’t you know, that after enjoying the sample Vita CoCo and Cafe products I was only left wanting more. So you, like me, can head out to your local Fred Meyer, Target, or Plaid Pantry (In Portland, Oregon) and pick up one or two, or a case of this amazing, delicious, pure Vita CoCo coconut water.

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Again, Hart Mind Soul & the HMS nation want to thank ALL of the sponsors, the models, photographers, Aloft Hotel and Semper Fashion for your help and support at Rock The Runways, fashion and style show, Portland, Oregon.

And remember, when you ever need custom screen printing, embroidery, or stickers, make sure to contact Hart Mind Soul, (HMSnation). Industry professionals when it comes to advertising, marketing, swag, and shirts. – 1800.968.0799 –

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